VISION – The New Zealand business community actively supports and encourages cycling, for its staff and visitors.

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What SBN is doing to promote workplace cycling

This project started in 2015. Working with key transport organisations we strengthened understanding of New Zealand’s cycling system. We sought opportunities to enhance it.

In 2016 we harnessed SBN’s extensive communications network to share that knowledge with the business community. We also began encouraging action among our members to increase workplace cycling.

We are now developing a Workplace Cycling Best Practice Guide with the New Zealand Transport Authority and AECOM. It should be ready mid-2017.

We are also exploring opportunities to develop more sustainable cycleway construction materials.

Why your people should cycle

  • Studies show regular cyclists are healthier, calmer and more alert.
  • They can save time in cross-town meetings by not dealing with traffic or parking.
  • Using the bike means less wear and tear on company cars and zero fuel cost.
  • It helps cut pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • It demonstrate a positive purpose and a modern CSR (corporate social responsibility) approach.

How to make it easy

  • Install secure bike storage, showers and lockers.
  • Consider adding bicycles or e-bikes to your company fleet.
  • Identify your local cycleways and safest routes.
  • Consider offering to pay some of the costs of a cycle, or entry to bike events
  • Provide a back-up taxi, car share or Uber service for bad weather or exceptional circumstances.
  • Get senior staff cycling, it sends a signal to others.

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