Restoring Nature Award 2017.

This award, sponsored by the Department of Conservation, will be presented to a business taking a leadership role in restoring New Zealand’s nature.

2017 SBN Awards banner

Our nature is the foundation of New Zealand’s economic, cultural and social success, but it is under pressure. In many cases it is being degraded or even lost. We need every business to be part of restoring the bedrock of our economy. Restorative activities result in a positive environmental impact. They may involve, but are not limited to, soils, waterways, oceans, land use, planting, or conservation partnerships.

This award will be presented to a business, or a business in collaboration with other organisations/individuals taking a leadership role in restoring New Zealand’s nature.

We asked the Department of Conservation what inspired them to sponsor the NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards:

"New Zealand’s nature: beautiful, wild, unique, fragile. Much of our natural environment is under pressure and a New Zealand-wide response is required to avoid irreversible loss of many habitats and species. The issues are challenging and require urgent action, yet the opportunity exists to consciously restore and position our environment as the foundation for our nation’s economic, cultural and social success. Supporting the Restoring Nature Award is to support and acknowledge business leaders who share a common vision for New Zealand and who, as part of operating sustainably, are committed to restoring our nature. They inspire and motivate others!"