Sustainability Superstar Award 2017.

This award, sponsored by Westpac, celebrates a person who inspires and leads others to make a difference.

2017 SBN Awards banner

Individuals can make a big difference to sustainability within organisations – whether they’re at the highest level or on ‘the shop floor’. We’re looking for a sustainability champion who has brought about change and inspired others.

This award will be presented to a person who has gone above and beyond to bring about sustainability change, either within their organisation or in the wider community.


We asked Wespac what inspired them to support the NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards:

“We’re proud of the progress we’re making towards being a sustainable business and recognise we have an important role in helping solve some of New Zealand’s big social, economic and environmental challenges.  Collaboration and action are key and it will take people in the community, in business and in government working together to help create change.

“This award gives us the opportunity to celebrate the progress and impact that one person can make.  We would particularly love to see nominations from people who are:

  • Transforming the lives of New Zealanders through building financial wellbeing  
  • Accelerating New Zealand's ability to become a greener, lower-carbon economy and prepare for a warmer world   
  • Eliminating extreme poverty or reducing inequality in New Zealand 

"But we welcome entries from all areas and can’t wait to celebrate and be inspired by New Zealand’s Sustainability Superstars.”