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Founded in 2002, the Sustainable Business Network is the largest and longest-standing organisation dedicated to sustainable business in New Zealand. Membership starts at $510 per year.

Member Benefits

Joining our independent network is simple and open to all organisations actively working to improve their sustainability performance.

If you’d like to contribute to making New Zealand a more sustainable nation, join us now.

Find out more about our Member Benefits and Fees.

As a member of the Sustainable Business Network you can:



  • Share your stories through our creative news and social media outlets.
  • Learn and network at our nationwide events.

3. ACT

Members have one vote at the Annual General Meeting.

Individual members receive discounted tickets to events, access to resources, the member-only newsletter and webinars. They do not receive other business benefits.

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Membership Fees (annual, excluding GST)
Turnover Band, NZ$ Network Membership Join Fee, NZ$
Individuals* $255
0 – 2 million $510
2 – 5 million $1,020
5 – 10 million $2,550
10 – 50 million $5,100
Corporate 50+ million membership $10,149

Please note that individual membership fees will be invoiced to you personally, not your business/organisation. If you wish to join on behalf of your business you will need to join as a business/organisation, not an individual. 

If you are an SBN member and want to display our member logo please read these terms and conditions first.