Million Metres Streams.

VISION - A future in which New Zealand's waterways are restored as vital havens for wildlife. Where it is once again normal to swim in them and drink from them.

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Crowdfunding waterway the planting of native plants and trees along New Zealand's waterways

This partnership with the Department of Conservation tackles New Zealand’s water quality crisis in a number of important ways. It helps stabilise the banks of the waterway and reduces erosion. It helps filter pollutants from agriculture, industry, housing and roads. It provides shade to the water. It restores the habitat of waterway plants and animals. It helps focus all our minds on protecting and restoring New Zealand’s rivers, lakes, streams and wetlands.

How does it work?

We help landowners and local volunteers set up and run crowdfunding campaigns to raise money for planting. Each project has their fundraising page at - the crowdfunding website.Million Metres projects partner with local authorities for technical, financial and administrative support. Million Metres’ experienced marketing team promote the projects in the media and on social media. We create and run innovative promotional campaigns for our projects with our business partners.This boosts the efforts of each project’s own networks.SBN's powerful business network supports Million Metres.

All SBN members automatically donate 5% of their annual membership fee to Million Metres.

We encourage businesses to partner with and donate to Million Metres and/or the projects on the site. Our network helps make this possible.

The impact so far

Million Metres has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for dozens of projects up and down the country.


Brought together by: 


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Georgina Hart

Project Lead – Restorative Water

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Brigitte Hicks 

Communications Assistant

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Alaina Pomeroy

Million Metres Coordinator

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Find out more: go to

call 09 826 0394



“The Million Metres Streams Project is an outstandingly innovative and creative project that most certainly addresses the purpose of the Community Conservation Partnerships Fund of inspiring and enabling community-led conservation growth."

Rosemary Miller, Department of Conservation freshwater manager 


“This is a real and collaborative way we can also help restore our landscape for generations to come.”

Mark Roberts, Alsco group general manager