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Results look sunny for a solar powered future.

Sunergise International is harnessing the power of technology to track the benefits of installing solar, with a new app which measures the performance of solar installations.

Sunergise International is a full service, vertically integrated solar developer registered in New Zealand. It finances, designs, installs and maintains customised installations for businesses on and off the grid. In doing so, the upfront cost of going solar is removed, enabling clients to see their power savings grow over time and replacing diesel generation with clean, green power.  

Sunergise has developed an app that tracks the performance of each solar installation in real time, empowering clients to understand and communicate the environmental benefits of solar. From their phones or computers, they can monitor the electricity produced and tonnes of carbon avoided by their own private on-site power plant.

Focusing on commercial clients enables Sunergise to leverage its impact on sustainability. Commercial and industrial power users account for more than 60% of power consumption, but only 10% of connections in New Zealand. By providing an alternative for businesses to generate their own power on-site, Sunergise is helping to reduce demand for grid power (around 12% of which is non-renewable) at the same time as empowering businesses to become active sustainability leaders and advocates.

Sunergise is the first pan-Pacific solar utility, and the first New Zealand company to offer the same high quality, clean power in Vanuatu, Fiji, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea, as well as NZ. Its innovative offering seeks to remove the common barriers to going solar for clients: upfront capital cost, expensive maintenance contracts and technology risk.  Instead Sunergise offers long term savings, real-time monitoring, and quantifiable impacts on carbon reduction. 


Sunergise International was the winner of the Renewables Impact category, and a finalist in the Renewables Innovation category at the 2014 NZI National Sustainable Business Network Awards. 

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