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Conscious Consumers: making it easy to shop sustainably.

There is a growing demand for easy ways to shop sustainability, which Conscious Consumers is meeting in the hospitality sector by connecting consumers with sustainable products and services through a business accreditation programme.

The scheme was launched in Wellington back in June 2010, and then Auckland and Waikato just over a year later. The initial focus was on the café sector. In early 2012, additional funding was secured to ‘revamp’ the programme and move into the wider hospitality sector and the South Island.

However, Conscious Consumers’ reach goes far beyond these regions. It’s gained 10,000 Facebook fans in just 10 months, and an average of 100,000 people see their posts every week. In doing so, Conscious Consumers is creating conversations about sustainability, promoting accredited businesses, and encouraging consumers to take action in their own lives. The organisation now has a smartphone app, which allows consumers to quickly and easily access the online directory of accredited businesses, and a blog, which provides a platform to communicate and celebrate the progress that accredited businesses are making.

Through its business accreditation programme, high-profile social media presence and smartphone app, Conscious Consumers is communicating practical sustainability information and resources to businesses and people, giving consumers the information they want and need to hear. 

Conscious Consumers was a finalist in the Communicating Sustainability category of the 2013 NZI National Sustainable Business Network Awards.

Conscious Consumers

Conscious Consumers’ is a business accreditation programme and consumer movement that helps hospitality businesses respond effectively to increasing consumer demand for environmentally and socially responsible products and services.

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