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HoneyLab – from bees to medicine.

New Zealand pharmaceutical company HoneyLab has created a new category: PharmaNaturals. HoneyLab undertakes laboratory studies and clinical trials of honey, bee venom and other products obtained from bees and their environment.

The medical uses of these products include: skin infections such as cold sores, acne, nappy rash and rosacea, pain relief, cosmetics and nutrition.

HoneyLab is creating jobs and developing products from a sustainable natural resource, one which was previously regarded as waste. It encourages the planting and replanting of kanuka, a species known to help inhibit soil erosion and which protects waterways from undesirable animal incursion. Use of kanuka bush for honey provides a sustainable and profitable use of scrub land as opposed to leaving it bare or converting it to dairy. 

A commitment to reinvesting 80 per cent of profit into further research and development has resulted in award-winning recognition for Honeylab’s products. With interest already from the Asian and European markets, the goal is to grow the business globally.

HoneyLab is a finalist in the 2015 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards in the EcoPro Cleaning Co Community Innovation Award.

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