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Stone Arrow Jewellery – creating beautiful jewellery from waste.

Stone Arrow has been designing and manufacturing jewellery for 20 years and for the last six it has shifted its focus to a sustainable supply chain, sourcing only sustainable materials.

It now produces copper and silver from 100 per cent recycled metals, as well as transforming old bottles to beautiful jewellery.

The company’s strong relationship with the community sees it regularly donating jewellery for fundraisers and charitable causes.

Stone Arrow runs its factory with minimal use of power and other resources as well as living in a sustainable intentional community where minimising its footprint on the land is a way of life.

The company is a living example of a thriving business making a profit transforming a waste product into something beautiful as well as running a sustainable and ethical business.

Stone Arrow Jewellery is a finalist in the Mega Efficiency Innovation category of the 2015 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.

Stone Arrow Jewellery

Every piece of Stone Arrow jewellery has been created by human hands in our boutique workshop and studio. In a world of mass production, we value original handmade designs - inspired by nature and crafted from recycled materials.

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