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Webstar finalist story.

Webstar Auckland, a print media specialist, has undertaken a holistic environmental improvement programme over the past two years with outstanding results.

The company now recycles 99% of all its solid waste. This has been achieved by implementing a variety of initiatives over the past two years. These include: reducing paper waste from print runs by around 4% (diverting 45 tonnes per month); collecting and compressing paper dust into dust ‘briquettes’ for composting (diverting around 2-3 tonnes per month); providing bins for waste segregation at every work station; purchasing new equipment to reduce the use of plastic film wrap by 11%; replacing paper towel dispensers with hand-dryers; not purchasing foam cups (diverting around 3000 cups per month to landfill); recycling plastic laminating roll ends; and recycling broken wooden pallets.

In addition, energy efficiency initiatives, such as installing sensor lights, have resulted in a 10% improvement and a transport efficiency project has reduced empty truck movements by approximately 15%.

Webstar’s holistic approach includes engaging with staff on all levels. This involves using cultural tools to work with staff in ways they can better relate to, such as a Puataunofo workshop once a year to discuss health, safety and environmental issues with Pacific Island staff.

Webstar is certified to Enviro-MarkTMNZ’s highest level: Diamond. It is also a member of the Forest Stewardship Council and the Chain of Custody of Forest Based Products.

Webstar is a finalist in the Mega Efficiency Impact category of the 2016 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.


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