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Angel Food is a vegan company currently specialising in dairy-free cheese alternatives. Yes, we have alternatives to mozzarella, parmesan and cheese sauce, all made from plant-based ingredients! It's a win for environment and ethics.

Here at Angel Food our aim is to help people move away from animal products such as meat and dairy, by providing great vegan alternatives. We know that people are deeply attached to their food rituals, and that trying to change those rituals and habits can be hard work and even socially isolating. 

With our mozzarella alternative, you can still enjoy Friday night pizza with your colleagues. With our dairy-free cheese sauce your children can enjoy macaroni cheese just as you did as a child. 

We believe that New Zealand is far too reliant on animal agriculture - it's not sustainable, it's not good for our soil or waterways or the animals or for us humans. 


What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

We’re developing plant-based alternatives to traditional favourite foods which are very resource intensive and associated with high levels of pollution. Our products are helping New Zealanders eat lower down the food chain. We’re proud to be part of a plant-based future.

Certifications & sustainability programmes

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