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Apricus NZ is passionate about providing the best information and products so everyone can harness the power of the sun. Transform your hot water cylinder in to a solar battery!


Apricus have been installing high performance, reliable solar systems in New Zealand residential and commercial buildings since 2003.  These systems will transform your hot water cylinder in to a solar battery, harvesting and storing the sun's energy during the day for use straight away or later on.

Whether you are building your next dream home or looking to upgrade your existing house Apricus can provide a solar system to suit.  Commercial users of hot water can significantly reduce the environmental impact of heating water while making savings on daily running costs by harnessing the power of the sun.

Apricus systems are made of high quality, efficient and durable components to ensure the system provides maximum performance for many years to come. We have a national network of experienced installers throughout NZ to ensure you get the best install and back up service from a local company.

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

Everyone at Apricus NZ is passionate about providing the best information and products to help New Zealanders to harness the power of the sun. Using this system we hope to help people and companies to reduce the environmental impact and cost of hot water. Apricus systems are designed and commissioned to minimise the use of electricity or gas for back up heating, reducing energy consumption, cost, peak loads on the national grid and their CO² emissions.

Renewable Energy:
We are aiming for 50% of New Zealand's hot water to be heated directly by solar energy. The Apricus collectors transform any hot water cylinder in to a solar battery, using water as a readily rechargeable, endlessly refillable and non-hazardous energy storage option. This will make available an enormous amount of existing, renewable electricity generation to charge electric vehicles and knock down transport emissions. We ask why waste high value, precious electricity to simply heat water?

Design, End of Life & Recycling:
We work hard to minimise our negative environmental impacts as a business while supplying products that help to reduce our customer's footprint. We redesign, reduce, reuse and recycle throughout the production process and almost all of the components are readily recyclable at the end of useful life. We avoid all harmful materials and have no “Red List” materials in our products.

Embedded Energy & CO² Reductions:
The embedded CO² of an Apricus 30 tube collector is 380kg. According to EECA figures an Apricus solar hot water system will save 2277 to 2725 kWh of electricity per year. Our NZ electricity contributes 0.138 kg CO²-e/kWh in greenhouse gas emissions. So an Apricus 30 tube collector will save 314 to 376 kg CO²-e per year. It's carbon neutral after just over a year and will continue to reduce our national emissions for years to come, while reliably providing hot water and freeing up electricity for something for useful, like charging a car!

Ecological Restoration & CO² Offsets:
We keep a record of all our direct CO² emissions and every year focus on ways to further reduce them. Unfortunately, it's pretty well impossible to eliminate emissions entirely in our current energy context so we have taken a pragmatic approach by off-setting our remaining emissions. Apricus NZ is investing time and manpower in the restoration of native forest and wetlands in the Bay of Plenty. All our Scope 1 emissions are off-set through tree planting and revegetation in an area of former kahikatea swamp near Whakatane. Three ponds with wetland margins have been created to detain surface water and create more diverse habitats. All the streams have been fenced from livestock and are being planted in harakeke / flax, ti kouka / cabbage trees and manuka / kanuka. Areas of hill and former bush are being replanted in establishment plants such as manuka, kanuka, griselinia and coprosma.

Certifications & sustainability programmes

NZ & Australia - AS/NZS2712:2007 Solar and heat pump water heaters - Design and construction
Australia - Clean Energy Regulator - Certificated Solar Water Heating System
USA - Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (SRCC)
Europe / Global - Solarkeymark / DIN EN 12975-1: 2011

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