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Biopolymer Network has, through original research, developed and continues to develop its portfolio of intellectual property in biopolymers, bio-based specialty chemicals, bio-composites, bio-foams and moulded structures.

The Biopolymer Network Limited, a New Zealand based research company, is focused on producing bio-based products and process for commercial applications. Three of New Zealand's leading research organisations have come together to create scientific and technological excellence in the conversion of sustainable natural resources to biopolymers and biocomposites.


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A move towards “bio-based plastics” has inspired a push to develop bio-foams as a replacement for petroleum-based polymers. One of the most promising biologically-derived alternatives is polylactic acid (PLA) which can be used for a range of commodity plastics. Biopolymer Network has a patent for a new method of producing E-PLA bio-foams from commercially available PLA beads using a novel CO2 foaming technology. This technology can be used to produce both foamed beads and moulded shapes and products such as insulation, packaging and speciality components. This technology has been used to produce moulded E-PLA product on standard commercial polystyrene moulding equipment and tests on these products have shown similar performance to polystyrene for both impact resistance and insulation.

Sustainability Awards

Winner at the 2013 New Zealand Innovators Awards: Innovation Excellence in Research

Sponsored by Auckland Museum

This award celebrates those that have started on the research and commercialisation journey and who have completed a research project that has excellent commercialisation potential and impact.


Zealafoam is a low density moulded bioplastic foam that is: cost-effective, made from renewable resources and is an eco-friendly alternative to expanded polystyrene particle foams.

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