Black Pine Architects.

Design | People | Planet

Providing partnership, guidance and technical assistance to those interested in restorative and healthy built environments

What we believe

  • All people should have access to great design:  Be it life enhancing, healthy buildings, the community-supporting, people-focused spaces surrounding and between them, or the beautiful & stimulating things that adorn them.
  • We have a desire for all people to have the experience of being part of something absolutely first class.
  • We believe in the 'Living Building Challenge' as a holistic framework for a better built future

What Black Pine Architects bring to your project

  • A preference for collaborative working arrangements that involve more team members sooner and deliver innovative and inclusive designs
  • Multiple project 'Passivhaus' experience, bringing German precision to energy savings & comfort levels
  • An intrinsic interest in aesthetics and functional designs that sit well in their environment, display intelligent spatial relationships and bring a sense of joy to the people who use them.

What we can do for you

  • We use building science, a planet-friendly sensibility and careful aesthetic selections to produce environments that support good health and well being




What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

Black Pine Architects contribute to a more sustainable New Zealand in the following ways:
-Making 'Passivhaus' design available to the New Zealand consumers; allowing consumers to drastically reduce their building heating/cooling energy consumption while simultaneously providing a healthy indoor environment
-Promoting use of the Living Building Challenge as a guide for a Restorative Built Environment
-Supports 'Green Drinks' in Whanganui; a regular social event centred on those with an interest in 'green' options in their lives
-Supports a 'SBN Business Connector' within our local community

Certifications & sustainability programmes

Certified Passivhaus Designer

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