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Making our world a better workplace - Leadership - Culture - Performance

At Blacksmith, instead of metal we work with people. Using our skills, experience and the right tools, we empower business leaders and people managers to engage hearts and minds, unlocking the creative and performance power of their people.  Making a dollar AND a positive difference is central to our approach.

What we believe…

Our beliefs form the foundation on which we stand. They set us apart from others and attract like-minded people to us:

  • We believe that an organisation’s courage to do good and be better will be what separates the good from the great.
  • We believe that courage comes from two key areas; a profound sense of purpose around why you exist, and a leader’s ability to unleash the human potential in every team member.
  • We believe that true leadership is embedded in a culture by an unrelenting commitment to the quality of each and every interaction.
  • We believe that to truly design a culture of success, a business must clarify its purpose, align its resources and transform its leadership, one conversation at a time.

What we do

We do our best work with organisations on a mission to not only survive, but thrive in ‘our brave new world’.  Organisations that have an opportunity or challenge that they are relentlessly pursuing and need to mobilise their people to achieve their goals.

Our areas of expertise include Leadership Development, Culture and Business Performance. We work with methodologies and tools that are proven to get the results that matter for our clients and are sustainable over the long term without relying on external support from us – this is a key measure of success for us.

Our solutions support the following:

  • Organisational and Leadership Alignment
  • Leadership Development
  • Organisational Change
  • Productivity and Continuous Improvement
  • Employee Engagement
  • Organisational Purpose and Values

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

Why do we do it? We want to make the world a better [work] place. We believe there is massive untapped potential in individuals and businesses all over New Zealand (and the world). Potential that can make individuals more successful and fulfilled, businesses more successful and sustainable, and our communities richer and stronger.

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