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We work on creating local climate solutions together. We offer a range of practical services, innovative projects, and key support, and we provide expert advocacy. Our main projects are our Blueskin turbine and the Climate Safe House.

We address our community’s needs through the following projects and services:

Cosy Energy Advice Line

  • Tel: 03-9291323 or email:
  • We provide a free phone/email advice service open to the wider Dunedin community regarding home heating, insulation, energy efficient lighting, etc.
  • Our advice is independent, and not influenced by selling products.

Firewood Programme

  • We offer bulk sales of logs to be processed for firewood
  • This is a lower-cost option for communities, charities, social organisations, etc.

Affordable insulation

  • We offer discounted quality insulation for residents prepared to do the installation themselves.
  • This is a low-cost option for DIYers, landlords and social organisations, etc

Home Performance Assessments

  • We maintain a Dunedin wide service delivering independent expert assessments, appraisals and reports on their home performance to Dunedin residents.
  • We work with other social agencies to help support residents make their homes warm and cosy.

Health Rental Certification

  • We help landlords ensure compliance with the new requirements under the Residential Tenancies Act.
  • We give landlords and tenants the information they need to fix any issues and information on available subsidies.

Our Blueskin turbine

  • Once commissioned it will generate more than 100% of annual electricity demand in the Blueskin area.
  • Residents will be able to invest in our own community generation facility and receive an annual return.
  • The Trust will receive on average $100, 000 per year, over the lifetime of the turbine, delivering reliable income to continue our work, once it’s running.

Climate Safe House

  • We provide free Home Performance Assessments to residents in the new Hazard Zones.
  • We work in our community and work with our partners to develop solutions.
  • As sponsors come on board, we’ll develop a model Climate Safe House.

Community office

  • We are a drop in centre for advice and support.
  • We work with individuals to catalyse community actions.
  • We provide community newsletters and articles each month.
  • We maintain a Local Food Directory to support local food initiatives.
  • We help to coordinate actions and develop collaboration to join up skills and build cooperate effort.

Our values guide us (Thriving Together; Distributing Surplus; Encountering Others; Consuming Sustainably; Caring, and; Investing for the Future). We concentrate our efforts on addressing social inequality particularly through our work on fuel poverty and in creating local climate solutions together.

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

BRCT invests for the future in creating local climate solutions to inspire national action. We respond to sea level rise in Dunedin and coastal New Zealand. Blueskin is a place of diverse coastal settlement and a rich heritage, ranging from Long Beach, to Karitane, and all the settlements in between. BRCT offers practical services, expert hope and forward thinking visioning.

As a result of our work, by 2025 Blueskin settlements will:
1. Be free of fuel poverty, have energy efficient homes, have low CO2 emissions and derive all electricity from local renewable electricity generation sources;
2. Own and operate a local energy company generating modest investment surpluses, used to fund sustainable initiatives within Blueskin Bay and supporting other communities;
3. Eat predominately from within our local food web, have a thriving local economy, and broad inter-generational gardening and farming skills.

Our residents will be prepared to adapt to our changing world and will be at the forefront of community leadership in terms of climate change.

Certifications & sustainability programmes


Sustainability Awards

2014 Finalist - Not for Profit Award: 2014 Westpac Otago Chamber of Commerce Business Awards
2011 Regional Commendation - Health and Wellbeing: 2011 Trustpower Community Awards

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