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Bokashi [NZ] Ltd trading as ZingBokashi produces and distributes the ZingBokashi composting system plus products for the biostimulation of soils and probiotics for poultry. The totally natural way to reduce reuse and recycle household & organic waste

Bokashi composting was introduced  to New Zealand in 1999 by Neville Burt, a

Canterbury farmer with a passion for protecting the environment. The process

was made popular with local governments following the Zero Waste conference

in Kaikoura in 2003. Bokashi NZ rebranded  in 2005 and trades as ZingBokashi.

Using the basic elements of the system, Neville has gone on to develop a range

of products for environmentally conscious consumers.

ZingBokashi products are very effective and easy to use and are successfully

used by schools, businesses, government departments, councils, restaurants and

domestic households.

Our products are produced in Canterbury using locally sourced ingredients and

have been tested by independent labs and have undergone independent field


Further products are currently under development.

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Use of our products has resulted in keeping organic waste out of the landfill and contributed to the well being of New Zealand by reducing the need to use chemical fertilisers for the supply of nutrients to the soil.

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