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Creating 'Conscious architecture' Celebrating the expression of people in relationship with each other and in response to the land in which they inhabit, we call this creating a 'sense of place'. We adopt the 7 petals of the Living Building Challenge

We welcome those who desire to make a difference for others and for themselves, and in doing so change the way we live. To us a successful project inspires authentic living, bringing deeper meaning to all those who experience it.

Blending together the right elements we seek to strengthen a connection for you and others and with your relationship with the natural world.

We create conscious architecture that celebrates the creative expression of people in relationship with each other and in response to the land in which it inhabits. We call this creating a 'sense of place'.


5 Offerings

Within each of these offerings we follow the principles of ‘slow design’, living building challenge seven petal principles and co-creative expression


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Together with you, we take the time to understand what is your authentic relationship with self and home; the spaces, overall feel and flow of built form, land and the spaces in between. We respond to this knowledge to shape and mould the design to strengthen your sense of place and in doing so, support you in living the life you were intended to live.

Community – art, heritage, cultural centres

We explore how ‘place’ celebrates connections with others and with our environment. Simultaneously we seek to create a platform to nourish culture and preserve heritage. All within the intent to build and strengthen a community’s identity, mana and sense of belonging.

Therapeutic – health centres, retreats, celebration places – birth to death and bathing places

Therapeutic architecture brings the wisdom and knowledge from all aspects of life together and creates a harmonious existence that supports and promotes health and wellbeing. It explores how to restore balance within each of us, restore balance in our relationships with others and our environment.

Sculpture and creative land work

We help strengthen people’s relationship with the land, what is being expressed there and what wants to be expressed. We act as the bridge between the caretakers, the land and the people who experience it. We play with shifting people’s perception to help acknowledge beauty and meaning in the moment of experience.

Personalised work spaces

We take a similar approach to residential and aim to get to know you and your needs – we call this way of working ‘slow design’ and though this process we seek to creatively express this in an unique and individualised way. A good outcome for us is that on arriving work you involuntarily smile and feel inspired.



What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

We are committed in helping to create a more sustainable New Zealand. Architecture has such an impact on our physical resources whether it is the land that we build on, the material, water, energy we use, the way we build and what we create. We aim to create living buildings by adopting the 7 petals of the Living Building Challenge.

I see myself as an ambassador towards creating conscious architecture, one that uplifts the spirit to all those who occupy or encounter it.

Certifications & sustainability programmes

I am a community sponsor for the Living Building Challenge, 2013, 2014
I am a member of Biomimicry 3.8 2013, 2014
I have been a member of SBN since 1999

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