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We are a proudly NZ owned and operated cleaning chemicals manufacturer, making a wide variety of cleaning and hygiene products. We specialise in contract manufactured products and contract packing.

A growing, proudly NZ owned and operated cleaning chemicals manufacturer, developing and manufacturing a wide variety of cleaning and hygiene products, covering contract manufacturing and contract packing. Our leading Kemsol brand is successfully sold throughout NZ and the Pacific Islands and we have a growing number of additional successful brands. We are a close knit team of ‘get up and go’ New Zealanders. Like a lot of Kiwi companies we started out small, with a dream and vision. Our formulation starting point is making sure that products are safe in use. We have built a formidable and improving support system, ensuring high environmental standards are met and compliance and safety is at the heart of the programme.

It all started in the late 1970s when Peter Vaughan, our founding Chemist went into business for himself as a cleaning chemicals manufacturer after working as an R&D Chemist for a number of New Zealand cleaning product manufacturers. His original company, Chemenox Pacific Ltd started from humble beginnings and built his first factory. Pete was very concerned about exposure to hazardous products so was always looking at safe raw materials that could achieve great results. He was developing products based on sustainable raw materials such as sugar and fish oil a decade before sustainable surfactants were available in New Zealand.  Chemical Solutions was born in 1991. Since then our business has grown, moving to a  factory in James Fletcher Drive, a further move to a purpose built facility at Airport Oaks in 2006, then to our new home at Freight Place, Airport Oaks. With extra office/manufacturing and laboratory space the business is now ready for the next stage of growth. Take a tour of our factory.

Like all good Kiwi companies, Chemical Solutions was started with an idea by someone who was passionate about making it happen. In our case, the man was Peter Vaughan and the idea was to develop products for the fleet industry that met their needs better than other imported products. He pulled his family around him to help manufacture them, and so the business began.

18 years later, the same passion and ideas are evident in the way we run the company today.

  • We believe strongly in innovation and the need to develop products that meet our customers' needs. We have a very productive R&D lab with a full-time chemist on hand to formulate products and monitor our manufacturing quality.
  • Family values are at the core of much of what we do – many of Pete’s extended family are still involved in the business.
  • Our staff share a passion to be the best we can be – whether that is in manufacturing, customer service, sales or accounts. If you feel there are things we can do better – let us know
  • We all see our customers as our most important partners in the business. While this is an easy thing to say, we genuinely believe it and work hard to make sure our customers have a voice in every decision we make.

One of the things that is markedly different today is the factory we operate from. For those of you who have been with us from the beginning, you would remember the small and rundown factory in Glasgow Ave, Wiri. Today, we operate from a state-of-the-art, purpose-built manufacturing facility in Auckland’s Airport Oaks.

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

At Chemical Solutions we believe in sustainable manufacturing. Our technical team have a huge range of sustainably sourced raw materials from which to formulate environmentally responsible products. We can produce Environmental Choice Licensed cleaning products for you using surfactants derived from coconut oil, glucose (Corn Syrup) and other sustainably sourced natural materials.

Raw Materials:
Our environmental product emphasis has been a strong belief in making the safest product formulations possible, starting when our company founder began sustainable manufacturing by successfully using sugar-based raw materials in contract manufactured cleaning products. A world first - right here in NZ! We hand select raw materials that are safe for our staff and for customers. We look to use materials from sustainable sources and are in the final stages of replacing hazardous solvents with biodegradable materials with lower hazard profiles.

The Use of Palm Oil:
There has been a lot of debate in recent times about the sources of various raw materials we and others use to make our products. Surfactants, that play a critical part in most cleaning products are derived from a variety of sources. The traditional use of petrochemical-derived surfactants has come under fire in the last decade or so due to their “non-sustainable” (non re-newable) status and has led to looking at “greener” or more sustainable options – those that can be generated from farm harvested sources.

We decided to renovate an existing office/warehouse/manufacturing site close to Auckland, our biggest market, rather than a new ‘green-fields’ site on the outskirts of Auckland. This meant we’re closer to our end users with less distance for staff to travel. The office was renovated with double glazing and energy efficient lighting to conserve power. Recessed windows reduce direct sunlight in summer to reduce cooling costs

We have a rainwater catchment system used for the washing of mixing vats and to wash out containers to be re-used or recycled. With Auckland rainfall at 1240mm per year we estimate this to reduce our mains water supply usage by up to 40%. Waste water is contained in a holding tank and treated prior to discharge to trade waste. Waste water is measured before discharge so we can compare year on year discharge against production output.

We monitor our energy use and look at opportunities to reduce or gain maximum benefit via economies of scale in production. We doubled the number of clear panels in the factory roofing along with automated sensor lighting to reduce the amount power used for lighting. Our mixing vats are designed for thorough and efficient mixing, saving time and energy.

Packaging – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:
Packaging is a huge component in or products. We encourage our customers to buy in larger container sizes to reduce the packaging to product ratio. We offer pricing incentives and quantity breaks to encourage customers to buy larger quantities to reduce the amount of fuel and packaging required to deliver the product. We look to use packaging that can be re-used as well as recycled. Customers can send us empty containers for reuse. We have recycling systems in place for Plastic, Paper, Metal and Glass.

Environmentally Safe:
Environmentally friendly or ‘green’ products are of particular interest to many customers today. We have responded to this need by producing our ‘Green range’ of products.

Certifications & sustainability programmes

Environmental Choice

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