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CHIA is a health beverage made from organic chia seeds and antioxidant rich juices. CHIA is natural, vegan, GE Free and gluten free ​with no added sugar, no artificial preservatives, flavours or colours.

In their hometown of Nelson, sisters Chloe and Florence blend organic hydrated chia seeds with antioxidant rich juices to create CHIA. Their goal is to create the world's healthiest beverage from sustainable and nutrient dense ingredients with a low environmental footprint. 
CHIA in glass
​The idea of CHIA was born in the Himalayas in 2011. ​Following a degree in Neuroscience, a post-grad in Alzheimers and a diploma in Herbal Medicine, Chloe travelled to the northern region of India to trial the benefits of chia seeds – an ancient superfood grain relatively new to New Zealand at that time. 
chia rock climbing
​The results were astounding and were reinforced back in Nelson where Chloe teamed up with her father Ben to test the prototype on her sister Florence, a national champion triathlete and Ben a world champion master swimmer. The chia seeds mixed with blackcurrant powder aided recovery, prolonged hydration and provided sustenance throughout the day.
CHIA tasting (1)
Today the superfood qualities of this ancient Aztec grain are more widely understood. Each seed contains a powerful combination of:
  • ​magnesium to assist the nervous system
  • calcium for strong bones
  • natural electrlytes to prolong hydration
  • ​omega 3 to support heart and brain function
  • fibre to regulate blood sugar, aids digestions and slows energy release.
Since it's launch in 2011 CHIA has won the Health Category of the New Zealand Food Awards and the New Zealand Functional Beverage of the Year. 


What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

CHIA is made from 90% hydrated chia seeds. Chia is a nutrient dense crop with a low carbon footprint. This means it can grow with little water and no fertilisers. The CHIA team sources organic chia seeds from South America where this superfood was originally sourced.

The team is currently working on fair trade certification and organic certification.

CHIA is also committed to sustainable packaging. CHIA is bottled in 60% New Zealand recycled glass and is freighted in recyclable cardboard boxes.

CHIA actively reviews and updates its practices and systems to ensure it always operates as efficiently as possible. Our most recent change has seen all of our plastic tasting cups removed and replaced with recyclable cardboard ones.

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