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Electric Bike Hub has won all NZ council fleet ebike bids as well as Auckland and Wellington NZ Transport Agency bids for staff use. With 12 years’ service for ebikes in NZ, Electric Bike Hub has led the sustainability charge for personal transport.

Our e-bikes daily climb the steepest streets in Wellington, Dunedin, Auckland and all points in between. That’s why Council fleet buyers and industry users pick our bikes. From the internal gearing, power that is effective but intuitive and easy to navigate with, these bikes augment your lifestyle in a most remarkable way. Our website is complete with detailed specs and videos of the bikes in action, and action is what they afford. You will ride on average about three times further than you will with a pushbike, and all without the need for a rego, WOF or fuel. Fifteen cents of electricity to power your battery will assist you up to 100 km. Many of our riders tour significant distances and major treks are common.

A group just crossed the south of Australia all unassisted. Similar crossings of Europe, the Americas, Canada, China, and others are reported by eZee riders. The age of electric assist touring is here.

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What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

With every second car our riders replace with our electric bikes, we make a significant contribution to sustainable transport. For every newbie to electric propulsion that adopts our electric bikes, we move one step closer to a sustainable transport future. For every disabled or aged rider that stays in the biking lifestyle because of our e-bikes, we reduce specialised handicapped services, improve public health and associated spending and bring our communities one step closer to a viable energy model that safeguards future generations from greenhouse issues.

Electric Bike Hub and its director are regional organisers for APEV (Association for Electric Vehicles). Jace, the director, speaks widely on the benefits of electric transport adoption in NZ. He produces the EZoomers e-bike newsletter about electric bikes in NZ. He also served on the committee making a portion of the 30 year plan for Auckland Council’s zero-emission transport proposal.

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