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Energy NZ is a provider of energy efficiency auditing, monitoring, and design advice, as well as thermographic, ultrasonic leak detection, power quality and power factor correction services to industrial, government and commercial clients nationwide.

Founded in 2006, Energy NZ specializes in providing energy efficiency services, working with industrial, commercial and institutional clients ranging from owner operated small businesses to large multinationals to help improve site energy efficiency; cut energy, water and other utility waste and save on operational costs. Our team of engineers and technicians will provide you with an objective assessment of your energy performance, investigate potential solutions and analyse their costs and benefits to advise you on where the biggest efficiency opportunities are. Our services include energy auditing, design reviews and advice, NABERSNZ rating assessments, Power quality assessments, Power factor correction, thermography services, ultrasonic leak detection, and energy and utility monitoring.


We provide energy, water, gas and steam monitoring that can be remotely accessed via a cloud portal. This will enable property owners, tenants and industrial sites to keep track of utility use and pick out any abnormalities, to solve issues before they affect the bottom line. As we also carryout site audits and offer thermographic and ultrasonic assessment services, we can work with you to investigate anomalies identified by the energy monitoring systems, analyse potential solutions and advise you on their financial impact including payback.


Our experience in energy auditing spans across many sectors, including manufacturing, mining, healthcare facilities, public buildings, offices and other commercial buildings, supermarkets and other retail outlets, restaurants, process plants, and distribution centers. Therefore we have expertise in HVAC, process heat, refrigeration, compressed air, pumping and other systems, which we can bring into provide useful insights at the design stage of a project through design advice and design audits. We also carryout commissioning audits, (continuous commissioning), and NABERSNZ assessments for commercial sites. This will help ensure that your site has good design features and operational processes in place to not undergo some of the preventable wastes of energy and money that we have witnessed and helped mitigate.


Energy NZ is committed to helping you on your long term sustainability journey and we are excited to provide the offers below to SBN members.

Please contact us at or 09 488 0942 for more information.


  • Free energy management strategy consultations
  • Free mapping of utility (water, gas, electricity) metering plan/layout to show exactly what feeds where
  • Free power factor correction assessment
  • Free single site tariff review


Some of our services may be eligible for full or partial funding through EECA, and we will assist you in this process.

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

We work with various clients to reduce their energy and water consumption and thus their carbon foot print, through efficiency improvements. We also provide power factor correction services and advice on utility plans , scheduling and energy management to reduce the financial cos of utility use, which can then be reinvested elsewhere.

Certifications & sustainability programmes

EECA Business Program Partner
EMANZ CMVP accredited energy auditors
NABERSNZ accredited Staff

Sustainability Awards


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