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CONVERTING YOUR WASTE INTO RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY. Our environmentally friendly technology converts waste streams into syngas & liquid fuels. Our ZERO WASTE INITIATIVE delivers seamless waste-to-energy solutions & diverts waste from landfill.

ENERUEL NZ LIMITED is part of the ENERUEL GROUP of companies based in the United Kingdom.

Our focus is providing high quality sustainable solutions for the recovery of resources from multiple waste streams.

Our sustainable processes convert bio mass, MSW, post consumer plastics and end-of-life tyres into renewable fuels,

Our goal is 100% diversion of waste to landfill and to enable the generation of environmentally responsible and sustainable energy including biofuels, syngas and transport grade fuel.

Our Waste Converters achieve 100% sterilisation, up to 70% reduction in waste volume and 50% reduction in weight.  The process output is an inert, safe and sanitised refused derived fuel (RDF), a valuable source of feedstock for further processing to energy.

We provide end-to-end waste to energy solutions. Our Waste Conversion technology produces a calorific-rich fuel which our advanced thermal treatment Pyrolysis technology processes to generate sustainable renewable energy.

In collaboration with our business partners we are able to deliver seamless waste to energy solutions across a wide variety of industries including commercial, industrial, government and local body sectors from site design and layout, EPC. installation and plant commissioning and full operations and maintenance support.

Typical Applications: 

Hospitals, medical, clinical, and vet clinics

Businesses and all forms of entities that generate all types of waste

Councils MSW to achieve minimisation to landfill

Airports and Sea Ports for both quarantine and general waste

Waste companies

Island Nations to reduce dependence on landfills and importation of fuel for power generation

Offshore platforms and maritime vessels


For a city or council application, a hub and spoke model is established utilising satellite Waste Converter stations to process waste in local areas and reducing the volume and weight for transportation to a central Advanced Thermal Distillation process plant for renewable energy generation.


This modular designed pyrolysis system efficiently processes different feed stocks including post-consumer plastics and end-of-life tyres into fuel oil, ASTM grade automotive fuels and syngas - a 100% nitrogen free, high calorific value synthetic gas - for the purpose of power generation.

Depending on the feed stock used the oil and syngas can be bio oil and gas or synthetic oil and gas.

A scalable system, this technology has no harmful emissions and will meet or exceed and environmental requirement worldwide.  It is capable of processing up to 48 tonnes per day per pyrolysis unit.

Tested feed stocks include MSW, RDF, Biomass (woodchips, palm kernel shells, rice husks, walnut shells, grasses, scrap timber, saw dust, forest debris, bamboo & sugarcane), Poultry litter, Coal, Tyres, and Plastics.

Our pyrolysis technology has the capability to process all organic and carbon waste streams without equipment changes.  This technology which can produce either biofuels or synthetic fuels has more than 28,000 hours of commercial use without issue in a power plant supplying 110MWe into the national grid. In operation this technology has successfully reduced fuel consumption by 70% and emissions by up to 90%.

During this process, any organic or carbon containing waste can be used.  Coal can be processed with zero emissions to syngas and synthetic oil.





What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

We utilise environmentally friendly technology to produce renewable and sustainable energy - minimising waste and emissions while greatly reducing the carbon footprint.

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