Enspiral is a network of professionals and companies working together to create a thriving society. We help people and organisations with collaboration, digital, creative, innovation, capacity-building and business services like accounting and legal.

Enspiral is a bold experiment to create a collaborative network that helps people do meaningful work.

We are over 150 people, headquartered in Wellington but located in places around NZ and internationally, who put our skills to use in an entrepreneurial way to contribute to solutions to some of the biggest challenges in the world today.

Our network is made up of 3 parts :

1. Enspiral Foundation - the glue that connects all the people and companies in the network and exists to increase the capacity of social entrepreneurship around the world. 

2. Enspiral Ventures - innovative digital-based social enterprises that create value for society as part of their core operations including :

  • Loomio - a simple online tool for collaborative decision-making
  • Bucky Box - online software to power local food schemes
  • Chalkle - reinventing community education
  • Volunteer Impact - an app making it easy for environmental volunteers to track their impact
  • LIFEHACK - supports NZers to create breakthrough digital solutions for youth wellbeing
  • Dev Academy - qualifies digital developers in intensive 9-week course
  • Metric Engine - an app that helps similar orgs compare their performance

3. Enspiral Services Companiestalented collaborating working together in teams to offer a comprehensive spectrum of business services under one roof including :

  • Enspiral Legal - legal services for supporting tech startups, social enterprise and charities
  • Enspiral Accounting - accountants with a passion and drive for mixing social and business
  • Rabid - build online apps that are great for people and business
  • The Purposive Collective - specialists in engaging people around causes; leveraging the power of technology, community and creativity
  • Craftworks - build amazing online software and apps for clients wanting to solve digital problems using Ruby on Rails
  • Lean Labs - build stunning websites (like this one) using Wordpress technology




What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

Everything we do at Enspiral is with the intention of solving social and environmental problems - both with our start-up ventures, and through helping clients (like SBN itself and members like Conscious Consumers) develop digital, creative and business solutions that will help them achieve their missions.

We proactively work to support the social enterprise movement in New Zealand with initiatives like Social Enterprise Week and playing a significant role in the recent Live the Dream Social Enterprise Accelerator programme.

We believe that a core component of sustainability is in enabling people to work on what is most meaningful to them. We emphasize empowerment, collaboration, and innovation. One by one, we are disrupting every core organizational process to become a truly democratic place to work. There are no bosses at Enspiral or management hierarchy. The way we work is inspired by the internet, a network of interconnected nodes and free-flowing information. With innovations like Loomio (our decision-making platform) and Cobudget (collaborative budgeting software) we are then able to spread these more equitable ways of being in business with other organisations to help them do the same.

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