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Enviro-Mark Solutions: carbon and environmental management certifications to international standards. Our simple, effective and credible programmes help members reduce costs, demonstrate leadership, provide assurance, and gain a competitive edge.

Enviro-Mark Solutions

We are inspiring action for a better environment. With the help of our environmental certification programmes members reduce operating costs, demonstrate environmental leadership, provide assurance for their customers and other stakeholders, and gain a competitive edge.

We offer a range of simple, effective and credible carbon and environmental management certification services, technical services and tools.

2500+ certificates issued 400+ clients
12+ years in operation 14+ countries served
Government Owned Recognised, Licensed and Accredited

Enviro-Mark Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Landcare Research, one of New Zealand's leading Crown Research Institutes.

Our programmes

Environmental management systems: Enviro-Mark® certification

EM bubbleEnviro-Mark certification is New Zealand’s leading environmental management system programme. Member organisations receive all the tools and resources necessary to implement a credible environmental management system (EMS). Through this programme, members assess all environmental impacts and identify improvement opportunities. Following an annual independent audit, we then certify these achievements to the highest international standards under our programme.

The Enviro-Mark Environmental Management programme is a five-step journey to improved environmental performance with a focus on continuous improvement as companies work from Bronze to Diamond level. At Enviro-Mark Gold level, member companies are recognised as having an ongoing measurable environmental improvement programme. Enviro-Mark Diamond, the final step, is equivalent to ISO 14001.

Want more information? See the full programme website: www.enviro-mark.co.nz

Carbon management: carboNZeroCertTM and CEMARS® certification

carboNZero and CEMARS certification logosWe help the members of our world-leading carbon programmes accurately measure and reduce their greenhouse gas footprints.

Following an independent audit, we then certify organisations and products to the highest international standards under our programmes. We are qualified to do this under our accreditation by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ). We are also licensed by the UK Environment Agency and recognised by the Carbon Disclosure Project. Our carbon programmes are the world's first accredited GHG Certification Scheme under ISO 14065.

The carboNZero and CEMARS programmes ensure accuracy and consistency of your emissions measurement, reduction and neutrality claims. Members can be certified to either:

CEMARS Programme - We help you accurately measure your greenhouse gas emissions and put in place strategies to manage and reduce them in your organisation and, more widely, through your supply chain. We then verify your compliance with the programme.

carboNZero Programme - We follow the CEMARS programme steps plus we help you mitigate and offset your remaining emissions through credible verified carbon credits.

Want more information? See the full programme website: www.carboNZero.co.nz

Energy management: Energy-Mark® certification

Energy-Mark certification is a premier energy management programme jointly offered by New Zealand’s leading environmental certification provider, Enviro-Mark Solutions and Energy Management Association of New Zealand (EMANZ).

 It helps your organisation develop, implement and maintain an energy management system. You can reduce costs, improve energy performance, and enhance your sustainability objectives.

 The Energy-Mark certification programme is a simple, three-step process that recognises and rewards your business for robustly managing its energy use. There is a focus on continual improvement as companies work from Bronze to Gold level.

 Energy-Mark Gold, the final step, is equivalent to ISO 50001, so you can promote your energy management practices with confidence.

Want more information? See the programme website: enviro-mark.com/solutions/energy

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

Our business provides the tools for credible and effective environmental management, allowing businesses to measure and manage their impact on our environment.

Certifications & sustainability programmes

We are certified to ISO14065 to offer certification programmes. We are the owners and providers of carboNZero, CEMARS, Energy-Mark and Enviro-Mark certification programmes.

Sustainability Awards

In 2013, Enviro-Mark Solutions was a finalist for the AUT Excellence in Business Support awards in the Government category.

In 2012, carboZNero Holdings (our former company name) won a Green Ribbon Award in the Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions category.

In 2011, Dr Ann Smith of carboNZero Holdings was a finalist for the Sustainability Champion Award at the 2011 NZI National Sustainable Business Network Awards. Both carboNZero Holdings and Dr Ann Smith were finalists in the AUT Business Support Awards.

In 2010, carboNZero SBU (our former company name) won the ‘reducing our emissions category’ at the Ministry for the Environment Green Ribbon Awards, and was a finalist in the ‘Government category’ at the Vero Excellence in Business Support Awards.

In 2009 carboNZero SBU were finalists and/or category winners at the Sustainable 60 Awards, the Deloitte Fast 50 Awards, the Bayer Innovators Awards, the Vero Excellence in Business Support Awards and the PWC Hi-tech Awards.

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