FuseIT is expert at three enterprise technologies – Salesforce, Sitecore and HP Record Manager - and understands how business efficiency and success can be achieved by integrating and adding value to these technologies.

Since 1993 FuseIT has been using the best technical resources with “best practice” methodologies to build dozens of successful solutions. Focused on solving the hard questions, FuseIT often leverages the technologies of our partners, to provide robust solutions that are more cost effective than a "ground up" build. To achieve the optimum outcome, integration is often the preferred approach as it can deliver the "best of the best" technologies further enhanced by clever integration strategies. In this capacity, FuseIT has been instrumental in building many of the existing web technologies of leading enterprises around the world.

FuseIT has very solid skills in Microsoft and Salesforce development and these are streamlined by the use of client focused delivery methodologies: FuseIT uses Agile with transparent development. Published iterations mean you can detect issues and request changes early in the build cycle.

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What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

We work hard to avoid printing hard copies of written material, instead preferring to move Word and PDF files by email.

From a server perspective we are reluctant to provide new equipment onsite and use shared cloud hosting that more efficiently utilises processing resources. Any servers than come up for disposal are recycled by approved means.

In terms of the building we reside in, we try to minimise the use of air conditioning and use efficient lighting.

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