GreenShoot Pacific NZ.

GreenShoot Pacific NZ is a team of expert sustainability advisors offering strategic solutions, services and systems for New Zealand production management industries including events, screen, touring, sports and facilities.

Every year hundreds of events and productions of every possible description are held in New Zealand. Community events, conferences, large music concerts, festivals, expos, film shoots and sporting events, all have a huge collective negative impact on our environment.

All events involve transporting people, goods and services to and from the venue creating congestion and generating greenhouse gases as well as large amounts of waste to landfill created by promotional activities, construction, food and drink consumption.

Attendees, away from their everyday surroundings tend to adopt an” out of mind, out of site attitude” with a lack of responsibility towards the space they are in and the bigger picture consequences of their actions.

Traditionally the use of resources adopted by the production management industry has focused on up front cost and convenience, not environmental and social outcomes.

With strong drivers from local government, shifting societal expectations and the risk of rapid negative exposure through social media, event and film producers are seeing the need to adopt sustainable business practices. The complexities of this shift can be overwhelming for these organisations who do not have dedicated resource or understanding to drive the necessary change

We aim to take the confusion and perceived complications of taking these steps with focus and guidance on identification of sustainability issues and impacts, development of integrated sustainability management systems, action plans and guidance, team training and capacity building, communications and stakeholder engagement, destination management and legacy campaigns.

 We provide performance measurement, analysis and reporting enabling our clients to credibly communicate their commitment to positive social and environmental outcomes.

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

By supporting event organisers, venues and film production houses to address their business practices and event delivery to take a sustainable pathway that lessens the impact on the environment, enhances their brand and reputation, educates and inspires their audience and highlights NZ as a sustainable event destination.

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