Greensteam Systems Limited.

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Greensteam Systems are the the New Zealand and Australian importers and distributors of Optima steamer. Steam is a great medium for cleaning and sterilizing. Used for car and truck cleaning, oak wine barrels and also weed killing.

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

Greensteam promotes the use of steam vapour for cleaning rather than using water. By using steam, water savings of 95% is not uncommon. In the automotive industry, washing cars with a hose and or a water blaster you would use up to 100 litres. By using an Optima steamer you would use only around 3 or 4 litres.

There are also great water savings to be made in the wine industry. Typically it would take 50 litres of water to wash a wine barrel. Again, by using our steam generator it would only take 3 litres to clean and sanitize a barrel.
Another application of the Optima Steamer is for weed control. Killing weeds with steam instead of using poisons and chemicals which end up in our waterways.

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