Gull New Zealand Limited.

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Independent and Privately owned Oil Company operating in the North Island of New Zealand.

Back in 1998, three independent oil companies tried to enter the New Zealand market. 18 years later only Gull has survived the test of time and we are proud to say that we are still family-owned and totally focused on our loyal customer base. In a marketplace dominated by the big guys, We offer New Zealand motorists choice. Choice in fuel prices, choice for independent businesses and choice for the environment. We care about you, we care about our country and we care about fuel. Gull has earned several “firsts” in our category. We were the first to sell low sulphur diesel in New Zealand back in 2002. The first to bring a biofuel to market in New Zealand with Gull Force 10 - and the first oil company to pass on value to the Kiwi motorist by keeping prices down and not putting profit before our customers.

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

Gull are part of the Sustainable Business Network biofuel project. We're proud to be New Zealand's Biofuel Leader.
Gull is New Zealand’s original biofuel retailer, introducing a greener way of driving to Kiwi motorists in 2007. Our biofuel* is produced from renewable and sustainable sources - not extracted from the ground like other fossil fuels. Gull retails two types of biofuel;

Bioethanol blended with premium petrol for petrol vehicles. We call these blends the Gull Force range.
Biodiesel blended with mineral diesel for diesel vehicles, which is sold at selected stations as Diesel Max.

Our tankers collect ethanol as part of a return trip route, adding no extra carbon footprint to this production process.

Sustainability Awards

EECA Awards 2016 - University of Waikato Innovation Award. Highly Commended, Renewable Energy Award.

NZI Sustainable Business Network 2015 - Winner of Renewables Innovation Award 2015 - DB Export Brewtroleum.

NZI Sustainable Business Network 2015 - Finalist for NZI Greatest Contribution to a Sustainable New Zealand (Supreme Award.)

Auckland Regional Council - Edwards Caring for our Environment and Heritage 2003 Winner Category – Caring for our environment.

EECA Awards 2009 - Celebrating Excellence and Innovation in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Highly Commended, Renewable Energy Award.

EECA Awards 2009 - Celebrating Excellence and Innovation in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Highly Commended, Shell New Zealand Transport Award.

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