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NZI is one of New Zealand’s largest and most well-known insurance brands, offering an extensive selection of flexible, comprehensive insurance services for people and businesses throughout the country.

Originating in 1859, NZI is one of the country’s largest and longest-serving fire and general insurance brands, protecting hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders every year through a broad range of   business, personal and rural insurance products.

We offer a full range of personal insurance and business insurance that recognises the risks to your lifestyle and livelihood. Whether you choose from our core products protecting your house, car or next holiday, or work with a broker on a tailor-made package for your business, our competitive and innovative insurance solutions will reflect your unique needs.

We distribute our products through a nationwide network of qualified and experienced brokers – meaning you get informed, independent advice from some of the best insurance brains in the business.

In addition, we underwrite insurance for The Warehouse Travel and for some of New Zealand’s leading financial institutions, including ASB, BNZ, The Co-operative Bank and Westpac.

NZI is a business division of IAG New Zealand Limited, which has received a financial strength rating of AA- from Standard & Poor’s (Australia) Pty Ltd, an approved rating agency.

A rating of AA- means we have a ‘very strong’ claims-paying ability (for more information and to view the rating scale, visit As a customer, this is your reassurance that NZI will be able to pay out on your claims.

We’ve been in business and serving the NZ community for more than 150 years. Our commitment to sustainability shows our ultimate faith in the future of that partnership. It’s central to everything we do, from the 5 Star Green Star rated building where we work to the sustainable insurance policies that reward responsibility.  We’re also extremely proud to support the Sustainable Business Network through our Foundation Partnership, which has been in place since 2008.

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

As New Zealand’s leading commercial insurer, we believe we have an important part to play in helping communities prosper. By offering vital protection against the things that will unfortunately always go wrong in business, we enable businesses to take calculated risks they need to take in order to explore, innovate, grow and prosper. Insurance is as much about growing a business as it is about protecting it. In fact, it’s pretty much impossible to start or expand a business without it.

It’s also our job to protect the wealth of households and businesses by helping people recover from the hardship of unexpected loss. This backbone provision helps make our economy and society more stable. To continue to do this, we need to be around long-term. Therefore, being sustainable is fundamental to the way we do business.

Bringing the future into today’s decisions makes good business sense. We take a balanced approach to business sustainability across five key dimensions:

Our customers
We aim to anticipate and respond to our customers’ changing needs, help them to reduce risk to avoid unnecessary hardships, and keep premiums affordable. Investing in these areas will ensure we deliver innovative products and services to meet future needs.

Our people
We look after our people by building a supportive culture and providing a range of employee benefits. Investing in our culture includes attracting and retaining the right people with the right capabilities to meet current and future business requirements. Proud, engaged and motivated people are more likely to go above and beyond to help our customers each day.

The community
We invest in community partnerships that promote safety and resilience through effective risk management, reducing unnecessary hardships and more affordable insurance. This creates a better economic outcome for everyone, which in turn enables us to invest further in the community and address insurance affordability.

The natural environment
We are continuously improving the management of our carbon footprint. Over the past seven years we’ve improved how we operate, and how we use consumables and utilities. And true to a 2006 promise made by our parent, IAG, our business has met our commitment to being carbon neutral.

Economic performance
We deliver sustainable financial returns by anticipating and managing external and internal influencers of our financial performance. Our economic performance underpins our ability to deliver value, not only to our shareholders, but to all those who rely on us, including customers, communities, our workforce and the natural environment.

Our investment in our Auckland-based head office, the NZI Centre on Fanshawe Street, is a great example of these dimensions interacting. The building’s not only architecturally magnificent but also environmentally considerate.

+ It achieved a 5 Star Green Star rating on both design and interior fit-out.
+ It has extensive green and smart features, including a living roof and passive rainwater collection for use in the toilet facilities.
+ It provides economic benefits through reduced electricity use and improvements in staff well-being and productivity.
+ Our people enjoy working in a building that supports a collaborative culture.

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