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Indemic is a multi-disciplinary Industrial Design, innovation and product design studio. Our purpose is to work with innovative organisations to create new offerings which have sustainable long-term affect

Indemic is a small Product Design and Innovation studio based on the North Shore of Auckland, servicing a wide range of organisations both within and outside of New Zealand. We aim to create lasting, long term relationships with our clients by taking a broad interest in the context within which they are working, and creating a foundational understanding of the problems they are trying to solve. We apply a rapid, iterative design process based heavily on real-world testing and physical prototyping, and validate at every possible opportunity - whilst concurrently ensuring we are cognizant of the commercial and financial implications of the path ahead.

We take ideas from initial sketches on paper, and create high-value solutions across a wide range of sectors.

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

Indemic is passionately a New Zealand company. We aim to be on the good side of the ledger in the way we interact with and leave our mark on the world around us.

Through our own internal moves to 'make an effort' , be it the office recycling program or the use of public transport, bicycles, and Skype to keep in touch with our clients where possible - to keeping our office close to where we live. We consider this our minimum standard, and are often striving to push ourselves to be ever-present of how we can improve. Whilst not all of the industries we work within have a 'light footprint', we think that our advocating for the most attainable measures within such industries can make a massive difference.

The removal of a superfluous consumable component, simply for the purpose of generating ongoing revenue; the advocating for servicability and long service-lives in products; the reduction in hybridised components that cannot be separated back into their constituent materials for recycling; the drilling-down into a supply chain to ensure a material or component meets a minimum environmental or ethical standard; the localisation of manufacture to create jobs and reduce an unnecessary transport footprint.

These are but a few areas in which we have assisted our clients in making a difference - seemingly small decisions, which can have compounding effects.

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