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WE ARE THE INNOCENT PACKAGING COMPANY. WE CREATE SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING SOLUTIONS FOR THE FOOD, CATERING AND RETAIL INDUSTRIES. Innocent Packaging is devoted to providing packaging made from renewable and sustainable resources.

Call us hippies if you like, but we’re serious about making a difference to the environment. We’re guessing you’re at least interested too, seeing as how you’ve opened our site.

Now we’ll be honest. We’re not really cut out for tying ourselves to trees. That’s why we create products that have a large-scale, positive environmental impact.

Products like our commercially compostable BioPlastic cutlery and our noodle boxes made from recyclable, non-bleached cardboard. And don’t get us started on our BioPlastic lined takeaway cups.

The great thing about all these products (besides the obvious environmental benefits) is that they are the same quality as their non-green alternatives. If you don’t tell your customers you’ve gone all ‘eco’, they probably won’t notice. But we recommend you do. Tell them, that is. It’ll give them that feel-good factor as they chow down on your food.

We’ve worked hard to create our range of Innocent packaging products. But we’re not stopping there. We love to create and innovate, so if you have specific packaging needs we’d like nothing more than to help you solve them.

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

Commercially Compostable:
The PLA a plant-based bio plastics we use are made from corn starch, not oil. They can break down in as little as 3 months.

Anything we use that’s not commercially compostable can be easily recycled. Take our noodle boxes, for example. They’re made from non-bleached pine fibres and can be recycled several times over. Did you know? 20% of wood is saved by using natural versus bleached paper fiber. Purchasing Innocent Packaging is an easy way to take a simple step toward a sustainable future.

Low Carbon Footprint:
Another great thing about the PLA plant-based BioPlastic is that it has a much lower melting temperature than oil-based plastic. It takes less energy to mould into shape, so creates far less harmful greenhouse gases during production.

Our paper comes from responsibly managed plantations. Our BioPlastic and Paper both come from renewable and sustainable resources.

We work hard to create designs that use as little material as possible while still allowing for optimal performance. Less material equals less waste. Simple!

So just to summarise, our products:
o Look great and match conventional, non-green alternatives for quality.
o Are extremely affordable.
o Are heart-warmingly sustainable.

Certifications & sustainability programmes

Certified Compostable by the Biodegradable Packaging Institute and US Composting Council
Forest Stewardship Council
Compostable with the Seedling Logo

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