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Auckland 1541
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Karrikins Group works to maximise the business and social value of your company's community investment. We have expertise in strategy development as well as designing and delivering tailored social responsibility and behaviour change programmes.

We create value for clients by helping you design an effective community engagement strategy and build opportunities for creating shared value. Benefits include activating desired stakeholder behaviour, building brand and reputation, helping organisations access target audiences as well as new markets, and by creating measurable positive social impact.   We do this by reviewing, designing, delivering and evaluating behaviour change and corporate social responsibility programmes. 


What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

Our organisational vision and purpose is to "inspire positive behaviour change". We do this directly through our work with clients, by designing and delivering face-to-face programmes that act as catalytic experiences for the people we reach. Our focus is education: we work with companies such as ASB in New Zealand to deliver financial literacy workshops to students. Our programmes currently reach over 650,000 people per year, across more than 15 countries.

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