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Kokako is a certified Fairtrade organic coffee roastery and vegetarian café, dedicated to quality and sustainability. We supply Fairtrade organic wholesale coffee and hot chocolate throughout New Zealand.

We are Auckland-based certified Fairtrade organic coffee roasters focused on sustainable growth at the quality end of the market. We only roast certified organic and Fairtrade coffee and we encourage working relationships with customers who care as much as we do about quality and sustainability.

Coffee Roasting

Quality is paramount to us and as such we work with various co-operatives and traders to source green coffee which, once we have roasted it, tastes really good. We buy from specific origins that we have found to be reliable and where the flavour profile matches our expectation for a consistently well-rounded cup of coffee.

We also regularly ‘cup’ our coffee at our roastery in Grey Lynn to ensure that every origin we buy, blend and roast can stand up to our quality standards. Anyone is welcome at our weekly cupping sessions, which happen every Wednesday at 7.30am in our roastery. If you wish to join us, please let us know in advance.

Kokako Coffee

If you are in Auckland, come visit our café and roastery – it’s in a converted 1930’s Post Office. We are big on character and we have worked hard to accentuate many of the distinct features of the building. You’ll be able to enjoy a range of coffee options and we have a good selection of other hot and cold beverages from friends and suppliers we know and like. Our chefs present a seasonal a la carte menu and cabinet food options and our friendly and welcoming staff will look after you as best they can.


What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

At Kokako we have and continue to build sustainable initiatives into our business. We say that ‘sustainability is part of our DNA’ and here are some examples of how we approach it:

We are strong advocates for Fairtrade and as a business we sit on the board of the Auckland Fairtrade Committee. We also support the annual Oxfam Coffee Break which encourages offices, community groups and schools to buy Fairtrade. This sees us working collaboratively with Fairtrade NZ on consumer awareness including annual sponsorship of the Fairtrade breakfast targeted at Auckland CBD businesses.

Although Fairtrade Coffee is a growing category in New Zealand, we do not roast ‘commodity coffee’, and we differentiate ourselves from the larger Fairtrade Coffee brands through our artisan approach and strong focus on organics.

Our 100% focus on Fairtrade sees us currently generate a substantial annual Fairtrade Premium which goes back to the coffee co-ops in the origins we buy from. We back this up with ‘third party verification’ from both Fairtrade and Biogro NZ for the organic status of our coffee.

As such, relationships throughout the whole supply chain are paramount to us – from the grower, to the co-op, traders, certifiers, then to our roaster, to our wholesale customers and then most importantly to our customers. We are all one big community.

Our commitment to sustainability is not driven by corporate necessity to ‘become greener’ but instead fostered by our belief that it is smarter for business and better for the environment and the people within it.

Community is important to Kokako and it comes in many forms. From hyper local to the social media community we like to stay connected. We are involved in a whole heap of community initiatives, including Fairtrade, Hungry Bins, Forest and Bird, and Biogro.

Certifications & sustainability programmes

Fairtrade Certified
Biogro Organic Certified
Conscious Consumers Accredited

Sustainability Awards

Sustainable Business Network – 2012 National Trailblazer Winner

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