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Mangarara - The Family Farm provide premium quality meat. All produce has been farmed using Regenerative Agriculture, permaculture practices and Holistic Grazing techniques. We deliver straight to your door and have a 24/7 open gate policy.

Our product is premium quality meat which is traceable to source, and produced in the most ethical, environmentally conscious way possible. Our point of difference at Mangarara is that we are using Regenerative Agriculture, permaculture practices and Holistic Grazing techniques to rear our pigs, cows, sheep, cattle and chickens.   We have a farm to customer meat box business as well as an eco lodge which is used for families, weddings and corporate events. At Mangarara we run an open farm policy. Come and see our free-range animals and take a walk in our reforestation native bush project. We can’t wait to meet you!

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What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

The Family Farm vision has four parts:

1. To produce healthy & nutrient rich food as part of a resilient & profitable model of regenerative agriculture;

2. To balance relationships between nature and production agriculture as part of ecosystem restoration, including a focus on soil health, carbon sequestration and planting native and food producing trees;

3. To utilise the farm and Eco Lodge as a source of education, accommodation and inspiration, allowing people to connect back to nature, food and farming; and

4. To be open and share the farm’s resources, building a community model that shows what is possible when we work cooperatively with each other and nature.

Certifications & sustainability programmes

Partnering with Million Metres Streams and successfully raising over $30,000 to plant the riparian margin of Horseshoe Lake.

A partnership with Air New Zealand in 2008 which led to the planting of 85,000 native trees adjacent to a small remnant of virgin native forest.

Sustainability Awards

Finalists in the 2017 Good Food Boost.

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