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Moxie is an award winning, Wellington-based, graphic design and brand strategy consultancy. We create outstanding visual communications that combine years of sustainable market insight and creative thinking.


The shortest way to explain what people get when they work with us is to say you get an attitude. You get Moxie. In the USA when people say he or she’s got Moxie, it means they have courage, daring and energy. We bring all of that and much more to every client we work with. Any job, whether it’s big or small, will be taken on with the same level of skill, love and attention. 

We describe ourselves as collaborators not dictators. We always talk sense and keep it real. 

To guide us in our day-to-day work we have six principles to keep us on track and inspired: Act with vision. Create with guts. Collaborate with passion. Exercise our brains. Talk sense. Love the journey. 

Moxie works with people and organisations who dare to make a difference everyday

Our clients include a variety of government, corporate and not-for-profit organisations. Our role is to get their messages, brands and causes in front of those who need to know about them — wherever they might be.

What we bring to our clients

  • Great credentials in the corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors. 
  • A small, agile team of designers and strategists — we only employ senior designers, so you always get our top team. 
  • Talented creatives who aspire to becoming ‘honorary members’ of your team. 
  • Engagement at a level that allows everyone to participate and be rewarded by the process. 
  • The understanding that creativity and budget limitations are not mutually exclusive. 
  • That we give a damn about our work and how our collaboration will effect our world... It’s the only one we’ve got! 
  • A bit of fun along the way — we don’t take ourselves too seriously and know when to celebrate milestones and successes and share a coffee, lunch or even a glass of wine. 

To achieve audacious goals, fresh thinking and creative magic is required. That’s where Moxie comes in. Our clients love our inclusive approach, our responsiveness and that we are masters of our craft. And above all, they know together we’ll create value and get great results.

Thanks to our hugely talented creative team, there’s not much we can’t do when it comes to delivering design and communications needs, including the following services:

  • Brand development and identity design
  • Brand values and key message development
  • Audience understanding, customer profiling, research and focus testing
  • Persona development and experience mapping
  • Design and production of corporate communications
  • Signage and event set dressing
  • Packaging design and point-of-sale materials
  • Art direction and project management
  • Campaign development and delivery
  • Web design and strategy

And we have a broad network of specialist affiliates who we can call on. Check out our work page to see some examples from our extensive Moxie portfolio.

We have a tried and tested creative development process that is applicable to a wide variety of clients and projects. The relevant phases of the process are selected to meet the objectives of specific projects, and strict quality control and management steps are included, regardless of project size or scope. This process allows us to always bill to estimate unless the scope of the work has changed by agreement. We also believe in celebrating successes and project stage completions.

Moxie is a member of the All of Government Advertising Services and Design Services supply panels. 

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

We are known for our work with clients on developing corporate social responsibility strategies and we build sustainability into our design thinking through media selection and encouraging clients to always consider digital options where possible. We are also the representative in New Zealand of the Little Sun global project which is a social business focused on getting clear, reliable, affordable light to the around 1.3 billion people worldwide without access to electricity, including many in our own Pacific Region. It quite literally shines a light on the need to move to sustainable and renewable energy sources which are good for the planet and good for communities, families and individuals.

As a business, we have a sustainability policy that we all buy into because we understand that every little bit helps.

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