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MyCarYourRental encourages a safe and secure network. Vehicle owners are able to better utilize their unused car by renting it out to others whilst earning extra income. We offer a unique perspective on improving transportation in a sustainable way.

MyCarYourRental offers people in our community a unique way to improve transportation throughout New Zealand. A privately owned unused vehicle can be uploaded onto our website by its’ owner as available for rent. Someone needing to rent a car may place a booking. This allows the owner to make money on putting their asset to work for them instead of having it gather dust. At the end of each booking period both parties rate and recommend each other. This helps build stronger and safer communities based of verified trust.

With a large diverse selection of vehicles, you are bound to find the one you want.

Feel free to contact us or check out our website for more info.

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

MyCarYourRental is all about meeting the needs of the present generations by utilising and managing the use of cars already in New Zealand. The peer to peer car rental concept also enables local people and therefore communities to gain extra income whilst contributing to the health and safety of others. So not only is this beneficial to the local community on an economic scale, we are also slowing down the need for more cars on the road at once and protecting our natural environment of harmful toxins that released in the air by running vehicles.

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