Ooooby Ltd.

Ooooby is an online farmers market where you can buy and sell local and artisan foods.

Ooooby began as an idea in response to the overwhelming evidence that our modern industrial food systems are causing more damage than they are worth. We all know local food is best because it's better for our health, our communities and our ecosystem.  But local food can be hard to buy because our food systems are designed to make money, not sense.  So we do the hard work for you. We find local food and bring it to your door.  Sourcing the best we can find, which won't be perfect but we have to start somewhere, and then making it better.  Instead of putting profits into our pocket, we build new local food supplies.

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

Ooooby is contributing to a more sustainable NZ by developing low impact ways of distributing food. On the ecological front the Ooooby model dramatically reduces waste, packaging, storage and transport requirements for food. On the economic front Ooooby ensures fair and viable distribution of money into the local community which helps to boost local economies.

Sustainability Awards

Ooooby received a Judges' Commendation in the 2013 NZI National Sustainable Business Network Awards in the Mega efficiency Innovation category.

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