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Peoples Coffee is a socially conscious specialty coffee roastery supplying high quality 100% fair trade and organic certified coffee to Aotearoa.

We’re a socially conscious specialty coffee roastery based in Newtown, Wellington that roasts and supplies 100% fair trade and organic certified coffee. We were introduced to the coffee trade in 2004 while searching for business models that could help us create positive social change. We soon became obsessed with the taste of high quality coffee and the art of producing it.

In short, we are a team of people unified by a love of coffee and the challenge of proving that a business can produce a world-class product that is ethical, sustainable and financially viable.

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We are one of only two New Zealand businesses to gain certification from the World Fair Trade Organisation, confirming that every element of our business supports its ten principles of Fair Trade including sustainable environmental practices and creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers.

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