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We help New Zealand businesses and public sector organisations create value and solve their most pressing business problems by turning data into actionable insight.

Who we are:

We are Qrious; a business focused on helping organisations gain more value from information, through data, insight and action.

We are a team of innovators, thinkers and doers working collaboratively to deliver value for our customers. We have decades of experience between us from a variety of sources and have the nimbleness and flexibility to achieve great things.

We are also ambitious for New Zealand. We want to help address big challenging issues such as how to deliver better outcomes for public transport, housing, agriculture, tourism, education and health, and want to support other SBN members to achieve these same goals.

How we can help:

Qrious provides a comprehensive range of products and solutions to a variety of businesses and organisations, both small and large.

  • Location Insights: By providing insights into the anonymous movement of people throughout New Zealand, we can shed light on current and potential customer groups.
  • Qrious Voyager: Qrious Voyager provides rich, interactive, tourism insights across New Zealand within an intuitive web portal.
  • Business Intelligence & Warehousing: Our team provides a comprehensive Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing suite of services. These support organisations making the transformation to data-driven decision making.
  • Advanced Analytics: Our combination of tools, data and some very smart people can help you understand your customers, unlock business opportunities or crack a difficult problem.
  • Big Data Platform: We provide big data engineering services and hosting, including API based data exchange and visualisation tools.  Our technology ingests over a billion events a day.
  • Consulting Services: Qrious also offers bespoke analysis, recommendations and customised work.  The potential applications of better information are unlimited.


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We work with a range of New Zealand businesses and organisations to solve pressing issues, including improving transport outcomes, driving operational efficiency gains and informing future thinking.

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