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Situated in the heart of the North Island, Rotorua Lakes Council is the territorial authority of the Rotorua District. Council is committed to demonstrating environmental leadership towards the achievement of the district's sustainability goals.

Rotorua has long been an iconic tourism destination for both New Zealand travellers and international visitors. It is known for its beautiful lakes, spectacular geothermal attractions, stunning scenery, and its warm and friendly people.

An important part of the ‘Rotorua 2030’ vision is Rotorua Lakes Council’s commitment to environmental leadership. We recognise that the good health of our natural environment is essential to the sustainability and growth of our district and want to ensure that Rotorua continues to be known globally for its clean natural environment, air quality and healthy lakes.

The main areas on which we are focusing are:

• Resilience to change
• Access to safe, nutritious food
• Affordable, healthy homes
• Sustainable management of land and water
• Minimised waste with value recovery
• Greater energy efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

When developing its vision to 2030, Council created a Sustainable Living Portfolio tasked with providing environmental leadership for the district. Some of the sustainability initiatives already happening in Rotorua are:

United Nations Global Compact
Rotorua is New Zealand’s first signatory to the UN Global Compact - Cities Programme, a world-wide initiative aimed at creating sustainable societies. The Cities Programme focuses on collaboration between all levels of government, business, and the community to create sustainable societies where economic, environmental, political and cultural issues are integrated. Council is aiming to become a ‘leading’ city, driving positive urban change through the implementation of its Sustainable Living Strategy.

Healthy Homes Project
Council has been working with partners to provide subsidised insulation into homes. Also underway, is the recruitment of an Eco-design Advisor to provide independent advice to households and increase community awareness of home design for affordability, energy and resource efficiency.

Local Food Security
Council is a proactive member of the Rotorua Local Food Network which aims to make healthy, locally grown food affordable and accessible for the whole community and to support sustainable, local food business to thrive. Our contribution includes making Council-controlled public land available for community gardens, maarakai, orchards, etc and providing funding towards these voluntary programmes. Council has also started a weekly Farmers Market as a venue for selling local produce.

Kerbside Recycling
The introduction of kerbside recycling in November 2016 has resulted in a marked increase in the amount of recyclables diverted from waste. Initial datac comparing December 2016 with December 2015 shows a 20% increase in glass recycled and a 170% increase in other recyclables recovered. It is anticipated that Council's targeted recycling education programme will continue to improve the amount of recyclables diverted from landfill.

Rotorua Aquatic Centre
The Aquatic Centre is a community facility owned and operated by Council. All heating of the pool water, hot water and complex is provided through geothermal energy. The Centre has Enviro Silver accreditation from Qualmark, on the basis of its performance in the five key areas of energy management, waste management, water conservation, conservation and community.

CBD recycling and drinking water fountains
Recycling bins are located throughout the CBD, with further bins brought in for events. Water fountains are available in key locations with a view to reducing single-use plastic bottles.

Internal Council Initiatives

Active Transport
Council is committed to active transport and has 7 bikes available to staff, secure bike facilities and shower blocks. Staff are actively encouraged to use bikes for trips round town and to participate in initiatives such as the Aotearoa Bike Challenge.

All Council offices have on-site recycling of paper/cardboard, plastic, aluminium/tin and glass.

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