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SOLARCRAFT - SOLAR INSTALLATION SPECIALISTS On-Grid / Off-Grid Photovoltaic Solar Systems. Residential - Commercial - Agricultural Custom design and supply to final installation. We do it ALL!!


The Solarcraft Team - Troy / Lewis / Tim / Savvy & Mark (+ Alex & Lynley)

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We provide our clients with an energy and cost efficient solar system that reduces their carbon footprint and dramatically saves on their power bill. With over 500 solar systems installed both nationally and internationally, Solarcraft has become a trusted and respected Solar Installation Service. We pride ourselves on our quality service, products, and our ability to meet our clients' individual energy needs.

In association with Mitsubishi Electric, SEANZ (Sustainable Electricity Association of New Zealand) and other leading providers, systems are built to the highest specification, using the latest in technology and service.

  • Registered NZ Electricians
  • Free Assessment, Design and Quote
  • Specialised Solar System Installers
  • Meticulous installation process
  • Latest in Solar System Technology
  • Quality Solar Products
  • Customised Solar Designs to suit your home or business.
  • Turn Key Systems
  • Personalised service
  • Rigorous Health and Safety Standards

We take clients through the entire process, from a free on-site assessment, personalised design and quotation of their system specific to their location.

SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC (PV) PANELS are an amazing technology that harnesses the sun's power and turns it into clean, reliable electricity for your home or business. This power, when not designed and installed by trained solar technicians, can cause damage to your system or your property. We always have New Zealand Registered Electricians on-site to install your system to the latest New Zealand Safety standards.

We are SEANZ certified installers, giving you peace of mind that your system has been designed and built right, first time.

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

Solarcraft's entire drive is to design solar powered electrical systems for our clients, reducing the costs enough for them to tap into the most fantastic and highly available renewable energy source imaginable - the sun! We educate our clients along the way about energy efficiency, energy efficient household products, lighting and the best 'power usage' time of the day to maximise the benefits of their systems and buy-back programmes.

We recycle all of our waste products and are constantly reviewing our company's processes and policies to further reduce our carbon footprint.

This is it. The time is now for ALL of us to come to the party, in every way we can and WE ARE THERE!

Certifications & sustainability programmes

We are a member of SEANZ Sustainable Electricity Association New Zealand

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