Experience Solscape's comfortable eco-lodgings, venue and cafe modelled on sustainable living. Located on 10 acres with native bush, gardens and sweeping sea views, close to the famous surf of Manu Bay in Raglan, New Zealand.

At Solscape, we are dedicated to creating working models of sustainable living, providing comfortable eco-lodgings whilst being a hub for sharing knowledge that may assist in self-development and the protection of our natural world. Along with providing accommodation we host courses, workshops and retreats on all things promoting life on this wondrous Earth. We are open to group bookings, weddings, corporate retreats and school programmes that share a like-minded set of core values.

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Our core values align with the global call for an equitable relationship with each other and the natural world. Our team is an eclectic posse of conscious professionals who are aligned with Solscape’s core values; sharing a determined focus to provide a welcoming, comfortable and inspiring place for our guests to enjoy.

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