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Distribution partner with Wienerberger, importing clay construction materials for a sustainable New Zealand built environment.

Now Available in New Zealand! - Wienerberger Porotherm clay construction blocks, Koramic clay roofing tiles, Terca clay facing bricks, Argeton clay facing tiles & Penter clay pavers. An all natural product with a high recycled material content and any left over product can be crushed back into the ground! 

Clay Block Construction is making a massive impact in the NZ building sector...

Wienerberger leads the way in new build & renovation markets offering more than 1,000 products over the complete building envelope. Stellaria NZ Ltd have partnered with Wienerberger, Europe and we are incredibly excited to bring these amazing products to the NZ construction market.

As part of Stellaria’s commitment to the environment and sustainability, we mitigate the carbon footprint to import natural clay products from Europe to NZ by donating and planting five large trees, or similar and of our client’s choice – for each of our Porotherm projects.

In this way, we trust we are doing our part to also give back to the environment.


What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

As a recyclable product made of clay and based on its long service life of up to 150 years, the brick – whether in the form of clay blocks, roof tiles or facing bricks – meets today’s demands for ecological, economic and social sustainability unmatched by any other building product globally.

The clay block is low embodied energy; even to get it to NZ from Europe. The manufacturing ethics of Wienerberger means the cost to the environment still out-performs traditional construction materials produced locally. Sustainability is at the heart of all Wienerberger’s operations and so to here at Stellaria.

Certifications & sustainability programmes

Wienerberger products hold many international sustainability certifications, these include the Excell Zone Verte green certificate, Natureplus, ISO 140001. Porotherm R25 Th+ has just received Declare Certification. Find out more on our website.

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