Sustainability Matters.

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Advocate for sustainability thinking and practice.

Ray has been active in the sustainability field since early 1995.

His earlier background is in administration, external and internal auditing and some accounting, plus all sorts of other things.

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

Our main product is a fortnightly newsletter called "Sustainability Matters" intended mainly for Chartered Accountants. It is, though, read mostly by people from a wide range of other callings within New Zealand and a number of other countries. Readers range from university students to senior professionals.

Ray has participated in programmes such as the Natural Strep Framework, GRI and hundreds of events mounted by the Sustainability Working Group - a national member-driven special interest group associated with the NZICA (now (CAANZ), plus many other events across a 'wide canvas' related to sustainability.

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