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Sustainability Trust is Wellington’s energy specialists, and we focus on getting the best for our customers and the environment.

As a sustainable social enterprise we run an efficient business in energy solutions with any surpluses reinvested directly into our charitable programmes. In a region in need of practical responses to climate change, resource depletion and poor housing, we intend to continue to develop novel solutions and be a resource for the community for many years to come.

Smart Homes is Sustainability Trust’s whole-home energy efficiency business. The Smart Homes team provides independent advice and product installation for people who are ready to go beyond the basics of insulation, curtains and weather proofing. Smart Home products include high-end technology like solar arrays, LED lighting, intelligent home heating, hot-water heat pumps, ventilation and extractor fans.

Our charitable programmes provide advice, resources, services, and products that influences and improves the well-being and sustainability of households and communities in the Wellington region and include Wellington Curtain Bank, Warm Fuzzies and education.

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

Sustainability Trust specialises in the key aspects of sustainable urban living for Wellington Region. We provide advice, services and resources for lowering resource consumption, improving quality of life, and reigning in the environmental footprint of individuals, households, and businesses.

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