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The workplace wellness industry has grown significantly. Over this time, programmes have become more sophisticated, easier to implement, more sustainable and produce better outcomes. Synergy Health has been at the forefront of this growth.


Synergy Health (Limited) has been operating for over 16 years. During this time, we have developed a strong reputation for delivering effective workplace wellness programmes to some of New Zealand's largest and most successful organisations.

Our team consists of both health and human resource professionals who have recognised the essential link between employee health status and business performance. We are driven by the goal to improve employee health and consequently, improve business performance.

Using leading web based technology, we pride ourselves on creating innovative wellness programmes that can be customised to meet clients' specific needs. These programmes enable businesses to implement effective wellness programmes that minimise administrative demands.

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

At Synergy Health we have a holistic view on how we contribute and promote a more sustainable New Zealand. Via the programmes we deliver to over 100 businesses nationwide, we promote a range of healthy habits and behaviours (our ’10 Healthy Habits’) that have close links to sustainability.

An example of this is educating participants to ‘Reduce Fake Food’ and ‘Eat Real Food’ which in turn creates the net effect of more individuals choosing whole, unprocessed foods over processed and ultra-processed foodstuffs. It is understood that up to 25% of the carbon footprint related to food is for non-core processed foods. Promoting these habits often results in participants looking at where their food comes from and how it is produced, and includes moves toward local and seasonal foods and reduced food packaging.

Similarly, we focus on physical activity, and specifically (via our ‘Move Slowly Lots’ habit), on active forms of transport - walking and cycling - making up either a whole or part of an individual's daily commute. We draw direct links between the direct physical and mental health impacts of changing personal transport modes, making sustainable transport more relevant to individuals.

We have also recently developed and delivered a two week sustainability challenge called ‘Live Smaller – The Sustainability Challenge’. This challenge provides individuals with practical tools and strategies for making simple changes which have a big impact over time. The information and activities participants come across in the challenge are practical for the real world and applicable to them both inside and outside of their workplace. The challenge focuses on 5 key pillars: Waste Reduction, Food, Transport, Energy, and Products & Services.

Internally as a team we strive to achieve our ‘10 Healthy Habits’ also. We are a bike friendly business and are often seen riding (or walking) around the Christchurch region to get to meetings or for meetings on the go!

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