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The globally proven TetraMap learning model overcomes internal silos to improve team unity and collaboration, enhancing productivity, customer service and sales. The simple, robust model based on Nature transforms team performance.

TetraMap helps people understand themselves - and others - far better. With an 18-year track record in more than 20 countries, TetraMap is a credible, professional training and development methodology that will deliver genuine results. 

Nature as a Metaphor

Using Nature as a metaphor (the four Elements Earth, Air, Water, Fire), it empowers individuals, teams, and organisations to improve communications and build positive, profitable working relationships. TetraMap also uses nature's strongest shape, the tetrahedron, to help individuals and teams understand and embrace differences, resolve conflict, improve communication and build profitable, sustainable working relationships. By fast-tracking understanding of self and others, TetraMap fosters energy, vitality and unity, rapidly improving individual and team performance. 


  • Effective and sustainable individual, team and organisation-wide programmes
  • Easily integrated into training, development and learning programmes and strategies
  • Simply taught, applied and practised with initial benefits inside 90 minutes
  • User-friendly, interactive, inspiring model for life-long use

Creating TetraMap

The TetraMap model was created and developed to reflect the vision of reducing conflict and leveraging diversity. This vision and the company's six values are at the heart of everything we do at TetraMap. Sustainability and responsibility are two of these key values and are reflected in our publications and services. 

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

We seek solutions that ensure our impacts on the Tetra Bottom Line (Planet – Profit – People – Legacy) are positive, ethical and healthy. Our publications are printed on 100% recycled paper. Currently we use a company that is also near-carbon-neutral as the paper is collected near the mill and all waste like the de-inking residues are closed circuit, never leaving the site. We are moving to printing locally for global customers – currently in the UK and Singapore – and making facilitator resources downloadable wherever practical. Our next step is to implement a digital strategy to reduce paper consumption further. As individuals and part of a larger team, we monitor our home and office energy use and encourage all our stakeholders to embrace the TetraMap of sustainability (Refuse - Reduce - Recycle - Reuse).

Certifications & sustainability programmes

TetraMap International was a finalist in both SBN's "Get Sustainable Challenge" and Enterprise Manukau's developing business awards in the late 2000s.

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