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Textiles Alive are wholesale Printers who specialise in producing an extensive range of Fabric based media, for both outdoor use & indoor exhibition. We work with Signwriters, Marketing Companies, Print Businesses & re-sellers of display systems.

Textiles Alive aim to minimise the adverse environmental impact business operations may have on local ecosystems and Earth as a whole. Economic prosperity and ecological responsibility go hand in hand, thus a mutually beneficial relationship between the two is imperative - for New Zealand and on a global scale.

New Zealand Made
New Zealand is the ideal place to operate in a sustainable fashion, and John understands that as a business owner it's imperative to lead by example. Textiles Alive prefer firstly to produce our own products in-house in order to minimise our carbon footprint and manage the process sustainably as well as maintain our high standard of quality control.

Low Pollutant Emissions
Using water-based dyes means we an avoid solvents in our printing process. Our new wide format machine's streamlined printing process allows it to use no paper, nor excess water. Its water based dyes contain no Volatile Organic Compounds.

Responsible Resource Management
Orders are managed to keep paper, fabric, ink and water wastage to the bare minimum. By-product which is re-usable is donated to schools, ECE centres and interest groups such as Girl Guides. Resources not utilised during the production process are disposed of responsibly with the help of comprehensive waste management systems.

Environmentally Conscious Buying
Always an influential factor during the decision process. In instances where we can't produce or manufacture ourselves, we aim to source from like-minded, New Zealand based businesses to support local business and encourage sustainable production methods. When the need to collaborate with off-shore allies arises, we aim to source from businesses who understand their own ecological responsibilities and share similar values regarding sustainable business management. These business partners are visited frequently, so to avoid the dangerous "out of sight, out of mind" trap!

Looking ahead to an even brighter future!
In today's world, we are fortunate enough to reap the benefits of science, technology and innovation. The combination of new research and passionate minds promises to not only enable us to further reduce our environmental impact, but to go beyond this and allow businesses to contribute positively to their local ecosystems. At Textiles Alive we are always open to newly developed products and processes which are more environmentally friendly than the current norm. We conduct extensive in-house testing to ensure we are using and purchasing the best possible fabrics and inks for New Zealand conditions.

3m Fabric Wall

New Zealand Made 3m Fabric Wall

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

We contribute to a more sustainable New Zealand through producing, buying and promoting New Zealand made products and encouraging environmentally sustainable business operations through purchasing decisions. We work to have lean, sustainable production methods and streamlined processes. We have implemented responsible waste reduction and management. We conduct ongoing research and development regarding sustainable products and industry improvements.

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