The Clique.

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PO Box 133201, Eastridge, 1146

The Clique is a full service Public Relations Consultancy operating across New Zealand, The Pacific and Australia. Our expertise includes the full suite of PR, Marketing Communications, Reputation Management and Corporate Communications.

Communicating with you or for you, in a two-way symmetrical approach with the people who matter to you, in ways that matter to them is the key to our success.

We also offer highly specialised food, health and consumer communication strategies and programmes aimed at aligning interests of different cliques to achieve a positive outcome for all.

As a fresh communications team based in Parnell, Auckland, PR practice and our genuine love for great communications is reflected in the outstanding results we have already achieved since being founded in late 2013. With over 20 years' experience working for leading companies and brands, The Clique Founder Jane Dodd has a proven track record in fusing the best of traditional PR with future-focused communication strategies.

Our specialist Government Relations Services are underpinned by the knowledge and leadership of SenateSHJ, one of NZ's leading PR agencies.

The Clique difference is three fold.

1. Creative and strategic communication solutions that are driven by a clear business imperative that has complete commitment from everyone.

2. Customised communications solutions designed to utilise the joint assets of both of our organisations .

3. Our team works in synergy with your team to jointly plan and deliver the most effective and enduring PR solutions. We provide a platform for future projects and build your own teams' knowledge and networks so the relationships you are looking to foster with your key stakeholders and external audiences are enduring.

At The Clique we want everyone to understand and value the cliques they belong to, or that are important to them. It's not about exclusivity. It's about respect for the different perspectives we all bring and identifying ways we can harness those differences to create a compelling reason to work together; that is when real communication happens.

This model ensures your investment is optimised and defined results are achieved. Sparking conversations, creating genuine advocates and establishing a groundswell of involved publics who do more than listen to your message is at the root of The Clique difference.

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

Some key things the team does to be a sustainable business:

• Recycle what we can.

• Reduce food waste by buying only what we need.

• Print only when necessary.

• Invest in staff professional development and planning including important industry memberships.

• Walk to meetings when we can, or travel to meetings in one car.

• Use natural light as our main light source in the office.

• Open the windows rather than turn the cooling system on in Summer.

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